Riding Down a River on a Wobbly Log

Every meeting brought in people whose understanding of what was going on ranged from people with an informed strategic vision and experience in making things happen to people whose primary reason for coming was some horrible personal disappointment they had experienced in their work as a teacher. Outrage ignited by moral injury is an essential motivator, but it has to be harnessed into constructive collective effort in order to get anything useful done. That was a lot of the work in those early days; it was basic labor education. … More Riding Down a River on a Wobbly Log

Telling Our Stories

So I did what I knew how to do, find others experiencing a similar loss and fight back. I didn’t realize I was walking into a new movement that was going to become one of the stronger interventions to the neoliberal university under the gig economy. I also didn’t realize I was walking into one of the largest mobilizations within the labor movement in many years.

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